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Lucky creature, lively type, self confidence nature, good opportunist, ambitious and determined, highly intelligent, proud and conceited, some sort of perfectionist and can practically achieve their goals in their life, they used to set high standard targets for themselves and will succeed with self confidence.

The Dragon is certainly not renowned for being a diplomat or tactful enough socially, being intelligent they are not foolish to fall for any indecent schemes and can be very blunt, quick to criticize and forthright in their personal views.

Although intelligent they sometimes also take on other people’s word and can be occasionally rather gullible. It is not easy for The Dragon to forgive and forget events that hurt them especially when their trust is being abused by others or their dignity being bruised and will take some time before recovery.

The Dragon loves publicity usually tends to attract others at social gatherings as they are also outgoing type and are often in the limelight. They can perform well and at their best when facing difficult or tense situations for they are real good showman with the audience.

Their views are highly respected and valued and invariably have something interesting and sometimes controversial just to mention. Dragons are much energised always prepare to work long lonely hours in order to achieve their goals.

They can be rather impulsive with considering consequences of their actions; have a tendency to live for the moment and waiting for others really irritates them because Dragons hates prolonging hours waiting and waiting and can get pretty impatient even over small hold up with their appointment.

Although they have faith in their capabilities and abilities and unless being careful otherwise can sometimes make grave mistakes or error of judgement. Literally, this may prove disastrous at the time but given the opportunity, they have the tenacity and ability to mend up the broken pieces.

Personally The Dragon is an assertive character when armed with desire and willpower to succeed in their jobs or business they are able to reach up to the top position in their chosen career. Their leadership quality is strong and given the chance they are bound to display and perform ideas and policies into greater practice.

Practically, The Dragon is usually successful in media business, politics, control Departmental Store or anything to do with entertainment media. Seldom seek or listen to others for advice and relies tremendously on their judgements, often scorn at other’s piece of mind or idea.

Some Dragons cherish their independence so much to a certain degree would prefer to remain single throughout their lives even though they do still attract numerous admirers because of their flamboyant personality and good striking appearance.

If romance is unavoidable, they will usually marry at young age and compatible well suited to The Snake, Rat, Monkey, and Rooster. They will also find that The Rabbit, Horse, Pig, and Goat which seems to be their good ideal companions and will readily to join in their vacations.

Things will get well with two Dragons for they understand each another deeply, but will find difficulty in handling with The Ox and Dog as both of them will be critical of his impulsive and extrovert character. The Dragon will also find difficulty to team up with The Tiger because both characters are similar; their willpowers are strong and love to be leaders in the pack.

The female Dragon like their male counterpart usually sets high standard goals, knowingly what they want in life and will pursue in a determined positive manner. To secure their objective, they are prepared to work extremely hard and no job is too small for them and also they are bold in their speech without any holdback.

Immensely practical and liberated, The female Dragon dislike routine works or jobs that bound them to certain amount of restriction loves to work independently with their way. She can be a tidy housewife keeping the home clean but will not spend more time rather seek other activities.

Overall, the Dragon usually creates their own interest and enjoys outdoor activities, likes to travel to places unknown to them rather joining popular tourist destinations. They are literally adventurous and given the financing power will tend to travel considerably in their lifetime even though sensitive with money.

Finally, as The Dragon has a very flamboyant character, more than often friends and associates surround them duly because they has the charisma to attract attention and regard The Dragon as a source of inspiration. Although many Dragon story is consider as myths but in the older China, they are emperors and consider royal and lucky creatures.